• Rendering of Engineering Innovation Hub

    Rendering of Engineering Innovation Hub

    Rendering of Engineering Innovation Hub

In a world with rapidly shifting needs, fundamental knowledge, coupled with significant hands-on learning experiences, are central to a modern engineering education. The world needs engineers with a desire to be a force for good and with unique skills and experiences that can be brought to bear on real-world engineering challenges. Notre Dame seeks to lead in the realization of a new generation of learning spaces and associated hands-on experiences.

We will accomplish this bold goal by designing and equipping a visionary and unique facility with infrastructure that bridges the gap to that encountered in practice. We will carefully weave this new facility into a modern engineering curriculum that emphasizes innovation and entrepreneurship in addressing complex, multidisciplinary challenges.The Notre Dame Engineering Innovation Hub will bring together leading edge technology, people, and tools to deliver an unparalleled student experience, while also driving innovation, exploration, and commercialization throughout the Notre Dame community. Realizing this vision will place Notre Dame in a class of its own among its peers and uniquely position the Notre Dame engineer to tackle problems that affect human dignity and human quality of life worldwide.

Student training to use a CNC machine in the AME Student Fabrication Lab

Experiential Learning

The most talented aspiring engineers of today seek a unique educational experience that will prepare them to solve real-world problems. At the heart of such an education is meaningful experiential and project-based learning activities wherein students must combine their fundamental engineering knowledge with industry relevant technologies and approaches to pose and realize solutions to complex problems.

The state-of-the-art capabilities housed in the Engineering Innovation Hub, coupled with coursework that challenges students to devise novel solutions to practical and meaningful problems, will uniquely prepare Notre Dame students to take product solutions from concept to realization. Further, the Hub will provide transformative resources for co-curricular clubs, like Robot Football and Baja SAE, as well as service-oriented clubs, such as ND SEED and Engineers without Borders, to achieve their goals. Emphasizing this unique and holistic approach to engineering education, together with the distinct mission of Notre Dame, will position the Notre Dame engineer as a servant leader in the field and contribute to the growing entrepreneurial spirit at Notre Dame.

Two students using a table top router.Student programming machine in the AME Student Fabrication Lab.Innovation
on Campus

Since the Engineering Innovation Hub will be housed on the first floor of Fitzpatrick Hall of Engineering—at the heart of Notre Dame’s campus—it will serve as a gateway where individuals from across campus and the community with disparate backgrounds, yet a common interest in innovation, entrepreneurship, and the common good, can come together to realize transformative solutions to real-world problems. In close collaboration with the IDEA Center, the Hub will drive interdisciplinary innovation and commercialization throughout the Notre Dame community and in the region at large.

Equipment that will be in the Innovation Hub, 3d printers, laser cutters, routers

Faculty member discussing with student how to manufacture part in the AME SFL.World-Class

Providing Notre Dame students with unparalleled experiences in innovation and entrepreneurship to address challenges that affect the quality of life for all requires a faculty likeminded in spirit and mission. With the Engineering Innovation Hub, Notre Dame’s world-class engineering faculty will have access to the cutting-edge resources and collaborative spaces needed to optimize the path to product development, manufacture, and commercialization. Furthermore, the Hub will serve as a recruiting magnet for Notre Dame Engineering to expand its base of talented faculty who value innovation and entrepreneurship. Taken together, these activities will undoubtedly filter into all aspects of engineering education and research at Notre Dame, placing Notre Dame students, faculty, staff, and alumni at the forefront of solving seemingly insurmountable societal, industrial, and economic challenges.

The Golden Dome on the campus of the University of Notre DameWays to Support this 
Transformational Initiative

The University of Notre Dame seeks gifts starting at $50,000 to help create the Engineering Innovation Hub in Fitzpatrick Hall of Engineering. Gifts above $1 million will endow specialized labs within the Hub.


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the EIH

The Engineering Innovation Hub is seeking corporate partnerships to achieve these bold goals, including, but not limited to, sponsorship of space and/or equipment, industry-relevant, hands-on learning experiences for our students, and student internships.